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Lint free cotton cloths by Parr's natural wood finishes. Pack of 3 size 400mm x 400mm Our lint free cloths are made from cotton and are machine washable. All our edges are folded and stitched stopping any lint from appearing on the edges of the cloths.

Our lint free cloths are ideal for applying oils, waxes, dyes and for polishes. Can be used on furniture, automotive, leather and general polishing.

Lint free cloths

250 ml   £8.99

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Steel wool

Top quality steel wool - grade 0000 by Parr's. 5m length. Steel Wool for metal and wood and loads of other application. Used for buffing, preparing, leaning, removing, polishing, etc... 0000 grade is the finest grade is best quality available. 5 m on roll.

Can be cut to make your own pads if required, just cut with scissors and roll into pad, will make up to 25 pads.