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Parr’s natural wood finishes believe in manufacturing safe products for you to use and safe for the environment. Most wood finishes on the market contain toxic chemicals which evaporate into the atmosphere which can cause damage to health and to the world we live in.

Parr’s  natural wood finishes contains only natural ingredients with no additional toxic chemicals and are food safe and safe to touch.. Our natural wood finishes are Voc free and contains no harmful solvents like gum turpentine, toluene, or metal dryers. They also contains no petroleum based products like mineral oil. Solvents and dryers do not make wood finishes perform better they speed up drying times and save these companies money.

Parr’s natural wood finishes contain 100% natural products, and our manufacturing process is based on 18th century techniques.

Professionals and homeowners should look no further for a wood finishes which is durable, environmentally friendly and a coating which enhances the beauty of the wood.

Very thin coats are applied please see our application page. Our Oil cross links with the wooden fibres within the  wood providing a beautiful satin finish bringing out the natural beauty and grain.

Our oils and waxes are very economical to use - a little oil goes a long way!

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Original wood tops are proud to sell environmentally friendly wood oils and waxes under the brand name Parr’s natural wood products