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Bespoke Service

Original Wood Tops offer a full Bespoke service for your worktops. We can accommodate most designs from large curves to complex shapes with state of the art cnc machining.

Oiling Service

We offer a pre oiling service giving your worktops 2 coats of oil on both sides. We recommend that you give your top a further 3 coats before fitting and once installed a further five coats on the top and open edges.

Cost £12.00 per linear metre

Sink Cut outs

Belfast sink cut outs and undermount sink cut outs are finished with or without drainage grooves.

We can accommodate any make or model, all we

Need is the sink template or detailed measurements.

Belfast Sink cut out £ 58.00 Undermount Sink cut out £78.00

Undermount sink cut out £55.00

Drainage grooves £38.00

Hob and inset Sink

These can easily be cut out on site but if you are unsure we are more than happy to complete these for you.

Cost  £55.00

End Caps

Recommended when wooden work surfaces are against an Aga type cooker. The caps are dowelled and glued to secure them

Cost £65.00 each

Butt joints

Square butt joints are used to join the work surface using standard worktop bolt connectors. A clear silicone bead is used to provide a flexible waterproof joint.

Cost £48.00 per joint

Moisture barrier

Aluminium extruded sheet to provide protection from moisture from dishwashers and washing machines. To be fitted on the underside of the worktop above the appliance.