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Original Wood Tops manufacture top quality full planked worktops and wooden chopping boards in our workshop in Nottingham. Our beautiful oak worktops and Walnut worktops are stunning and second to none. We are the only worktop company that manufactures in house all our products and do not import  products from Europe or the far east. When purchasing our worktops you are guaranteed they are made here in the UK and are the best on the market.  Our worktops are made from wide planks of wood which run along the entire length of the worktop. Mass produced worktops are blocked worktops which are made up of lots of small peices of wood which are jointed together, these are of a much lesser quality and do not show off the grain patterns which our tops do. Our prices are very competitive as we are the manufactures and retailer we are able to cut out the middle man.

Other product available: Maple worktops, beech worktops, zebrano worktops, wenge worktops,Ash worktops, Eoropean oak worktops, Pippy oak worktops,Cherry worktops, Iroko worktops.

Any species, size or design, just ask

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Oak Worktops

End Grain Tops

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Walnut Worktops

Walnut worktop

Walnut Worktops

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